Virtual Assistant Services

Activities That Will Improve Your Business:

Why outsource your administrative work to a virtual assistant rather than do it by yourself?

Virtual assistants are contract or freelance associates who work remotely from home and focus on administrative tasks that are similar to those of executive assistant and other administrative associates as a bookkeeper, law advisor, marketing specialist, research specialist, etc. By using the services of a virtual assistant, you can save time and effort for managing the daily workflow of your business.

Here are some of the most important activities you can delegate to a virtual assistant in order to improve the performance of your business:

  • Schedule and organization of daily workflow
  • Communications
  • Marketing Activities
  • Online Researches
  • Bookkeeping
1. The Virtual Assistant Will Organize Your Schedule

Organizing the Schedule of meetings and events is an important activity. But it can also be very tedious. That is why we recommend you to hire a virtual assistant for preparing meetings and organizing your business calendar. The virtual assistant will d organize the daily workflow of your business. The service will help you to manage your time more efficient and focus on your executive responsibilities.

2. The Virtual Assistant Will Handle Your Phone Calls, Emails and Other Correspondence

We also recommend you to outsource the phone calls and other communications activities (such as emails, mails, etc.) to a virtual assistant. This will not only guarantee the successful relationships with your clients and partners but also you will have More Time to Focus on your Business Operations. Virtual assistants can also be a good help to handle tasks such as writing holiday cards or sending thank you notes.

3. Marketing Activities
Virtual Assistant Will help you with the Marketing Support Activities as:
  • Implementation of a marketing plan,
  • Submitting ads by a deadline,
  • tracking expiration dates,
  • coordinating payment, and handling correspondence with advertising vendors,
  • Continually updating advertising report and/or advertising budget report for your review.
  • In promoting your business in the press, writing and submitting press releases to the media.

A Virtual Assistant will be extremely helpful for your Internet Marketing and Social Media management, including promotion of your business in social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). The virtual assistant may research to determine where your potential clients congregate online and find industry-related groups and organizations you can join. The virtual assistant can use your Facebook business page data to determine who your fans are and what it is they are interested in reading about you.

4. Online Research, Industry knowledge and Business Intelligence

With limited time to keep up with industry news, many businesses have turned to virtual assistants to keep focus on the latest trends. The virtual assistant can make online researches and other business intelligence activities needed for your business to be up-to-date. Common requests may include finding information on corporate websites, exploring new products and reviewing potential employees or business contacts. The virtual assistant may also research what is trending and report it back to you.

5. Bookkeeping

Keeping track of bills and other bookkeeping is one of the most important activities to assign to a virtual assistant. The virtual assistants will follow up on tasks such as processing invoices and tracking for the payment of the bills.


In conclusion, the benefits of using the services of a virtual assistant include that:

  • The Virtual Assistant will manage and organize your Business and will save you time and effort
  • The Virtual Assistant is ready to execute your orders at any time
  • The communication with clients and staff are always arranged and handled
  • Your employees’ files are made as required
  • Your business archive is well arranged
  • Your Virtual Assistant is always ready to meet unexpected situations and deal with them.
  • Your Virtual Assistant arranges important activities as:
  • Answer incoming calls
  • Organization of meetings, working calendar
  • Reminders of upcoming important events
  • Inbox service, forward and reply if necessary
  • Notification of emergency calls and letters received
  • Placing ads or searching for bargains on your request
  • Receiving mail and forwarding to a selected address
  • Updating the information on your site
  • Social networking profiles
  • Creating and maintaining contracts with staff and clients
  • Billing and accounting