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In times of crisis, organizational leaders need immediate guidance and resources to help them make smart decisions to protect their workforce, operations, and finances.

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At Daybook Group AI capabilities are used daily directly, many accounting and bookkeeping software have incorporated AI and machine learning into their platforms to enhance functionality and provide more insightful analysis.

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Daybook Group Solutions

Don’t face a business crisis alone. Daybook Group Response & Recovery team can help you prepare and lead your business through every unexpected turn.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Crisis Remediation And Planning Services:

Business Continuity Consulting

Before, during and after a crisis, Daybook consultants can map out the steps you should take to prepare, protect and preserve your company through any emergency.

Emergency Loan Consulting

Let Daybook experienced loan consultants handle the complicated selection, application and documentation process involved in applying for emergency loans and grants from federal and state government entities or other funding sources. Our loan services are customized to provide just the right amount of support to your existing staff.

Workforce Planning

Align your workforce with the changing needs and priorities of your organization to ensure you are poised to meet your long-term objectives – even when crises strike. Daybook Consultants will help you make and carry out the important decisions involving your human capital.

Human Resources Consulting

Let Daybook Human Resources professionals fill the temporary or permanent gaps in your personnel functions, with services including the administration of benefits, retirement plans, recruitment, compliance and outsourced HR professionals.

Outsourced CFO Services

Weather the storm with financial oversight and advice from Daybook CFO Advisory specialists. Our outsourced CFO services include budgeting, cash management, internal controls, operational analysis, vendor management, strategic transaction support and more.

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