Why Access Control is Important for Your Business

Looking to get some access control for your business?
Here’s the top 3 types access control you can get for your business today!

  • Smart Card Systems

    With this type of access control, a card that has been embedded with a chip is read by a smart card reader, a device that is installed near a door. The card can either be inserted into the reader (a contact smart card system), or it can be passed in front of the reader (a contactless smart card reader). Once the reader reads the card, the door is opened. This type of access control is extremely reliable, highly durable, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The cards are built to last a long time and since they are similar to the size of a credit card, they can easily be stored in a wallet.

  • Biometric Systems

    Biometric access control systems are highly sophisticated. They scan fingerprints, which are then transmitted to a server that compares the print to a database of stored fingerprints. If the fingerprint is recognized, the system opens the secured door. These systems work quickly, are highly durable, and because they read fingerprints, it is virtually impossible for an unauthorized individual to gain access. Biometric access control is ideal for locations that require high security, and they can even be used as a way to manage your employees’ attendance and time.

  • Keypad Systems

    Keypads are a more conventional approach to access control. The keypad is programmed with a combination of letter or numbers. When the right combination is entered, the door is opened. You can choose from a push-button keypad or an illuminated touchscreen display. These systems are tamper-proof and weather resistant, making them an ideal access control option for both indoor and outdoor use.We offer all these types of access control above at unbeatable prices. Contact us to find out how to get the best access control for the best prices today!